AWB Consult

AWB Consult Aps

Aircraft Wheels & Brakes

Specialist in Aircraft Wheel & Brakes consultancy

AWB Consult core business is consultancy within the Aircraft Wheel & Brakes market.


This secures customers:

- Consultancy/ Solutions; meeting in customers requirements

- Consultancy/ Solutions; meeting the authority regulations and industry standards.

- Consultancy/ Solutions; within customers business case

Turn Key projects


All turn key projects is handled through Kunz Aircraft Equipment.

AWB Consults provides:

- Technical consultancy

- Presentation of technical specs and layout

- OJT on the equipment, and work flow


Equipment development


- Handling equipment

- Inpection equipment

- Specs for MPI Bench

- Cleaning equipment




AWB Consult Aps has a dedicated partnership with Kunz Aircraft Equipment GmbH.


Kunz Aircraft Equipment is the world leading supplier of equipment to service aircraft wheels and brakes.







Company info:



Phone: +4530484608



Consultancy service.


- Evaluation of work flow

- Evaluation on work process in regards of requirements

- Value stream mapping.

- Advisory before purchasing of equipment

- Management support